Here at ASAP, we offer the fastest service in the area, while having the highest quality repairs. Our technicians are trained to work safely and to be on the job site on time. Let our professional office staff schedule your repair as soon as possible.

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Is it durable?

We have a 7 year warranty. Our high quality product and extensive prep helps make sure you get the most durable finish.

How long until I can use the tub?

We recommend 48 hours to ensure a hard chemical cure.

Is it a safe process?

Our technicians use the best methods to provide proper vent and protection for occupants as well as keeping our own team safe.

Will it be messy?

 ASAP techs take great care to keep dust down, mask all surfaces and respect the property of occupants.

How will it look?

With the best prep in our trade, and extensive training, your tub will look and feel brand new!

When should I Schedule my repair?

Just before the final cleaning or after the final clean is best, so our repair has the best chance of dirt or dust affecting the final repair.

Can you repair damage after the instillation of a window?

Yes (very rarely do windows ever have to be removed)

Tub and Shower Bottom Rebuild

Why is the tub or shower bottom cracked or flexing? Washington state code does not require builders to fill the gap between the bottom of a fixture and the sub floor, thus over time fixture bottoms can weaken or become soft. If left unresolved, the damage can become more extensive to repair. Replacements of units are expensive and time consuming. A better alternative is for a full bottom rebuild. Our techs are highly trained to fully support the bottom to prevent flexing and give a high quality finish. Finish options are either a fresh gel coat or a new fiberglass overlay.