Tub and Shower Bottom Rebuilds

Why is the tub or shower bottom cracked or flexing? Washington state code does not require builders to fill the gap between the bottom of a fixture and the sub floor, thus over time fixture bottoms can weaken or become soft. If left unresolved, the damage can become more extensive to repair. Replacements of units are expensive and time consuming. A better alternative is for a full bottom rebuild. Our techs are highly trained to fully support the bottom to prevent flexing and give a high quality finish. Finish options are either a fresh gel coat or a new fiberglass overlay.


  • Is it durable?
    • Our techs are trained to make a full inspection and evaluation of how to rebuild your tub with methods that prevent future flexing.
  • How will it look?
    • With the options of a fresh gel coat finish or new fiberglass overlay, your fixture will not only be stronger than factory but look like new.
  • When should I replace?
    • If we feel the damage is too extensive, or it would be more cost effective to replace, we encourage you to click the link to see a recommended list of plumbers and distributors.
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