Chip and Crack Repair

Bathtub or shower replacement can be overwhelmingly expensive, thus repairs are a cost effective option to make your tub or shower look new again. Bathtubs and showers new and old can be damaged in a variety of ways. Listed below are the most common examples:

  • Minor scratches
  • Chips – Minor damage due to an impact or fallen object.
  • Cracks – Fractures in the fixture due to mishandling or a heavy impact. Repairs can be made from small hairline fractures to large multiple fractured areas.
  • Holes – Either from misdrilling or through an impact.

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  • What if my tub is leaking?
    • Many cracks run all the way through fiberglass and acrylic fixtures. Not to worry though, even the most extensive cracks can be repaired.
  • Should I repair or replace?
    • The large majority of damage is repairable. However, if we feel replacement is more cost effective, “please click link here to go to our recommended list of contractors page”.
  • Is it durable?
    • Our preparation is paramount in our repairs. We take our time and work hard to provide the most structural integrity possible.
  • How will it look?
    • Our technicians have extensive training in spray techniques and color matching to make your fixture look brand new.
  • How long until I can use after repair?
    • The specifications of our materials require a 48 hour cure time.

Check out our Instagram for recent repair pics! Just click the link at the top.

Before Bathtub Repair

After Bathtub Repair

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