Bathtub and Shower

ASAP Quality Repair specializes in bathtub refinishing and restoring bathtubs to their original beauty. We use up to six coats of the highest quality finishes available, to keep your porcelain bathtub’s finish looking glossy and new for years to come. Does your porcelain bathtub have a few chips and scratches, not requiring a full bathtub refinish? ASAP fixes chips and scratches too! With our color matching techniques, we leave no trace that a repair was ever needed.

Window Frame Repair

Do you have vinyl window frames that are damaged, or just look “less than new”? We can repair cracked or damaged vinyl window frames, saving you the cost of a full replacement.

Scratched Glass Window Repair

A beautiful view can be clouded by scratches in your window's glass. ASAP Quality Repair has developed a specialized technique to remove light scratches on glass windows and other glass surfaces - range tops, mirrors, etc. 

 This is a limited service - if scratches are too deep or too close to the edge of a window, glass polishing is not possible.

Countertop Repair Finishing

Do you have scratches on your granite or tile countertop? Are your bathroom or kitchen counters outdated? ASAP Quality Repair can repair or refinish your countertop, and make it beautiful again!

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